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6-8-18 Class notes for week 10 uploaded. -TY

6-8-18 The EE232 Final distributed. Contact me immediately if you don't receive it. -TY

6-5-18 The final exam schedule: distribution on Thu 6-7 (Fri 6-8) and submission on Tue 6-12. -TY

6-2-18 Class notes for week 9 uploaded. -TY

5-26-18 Using the remaining time, we study the density matrix theory and energy bands. -TY

5-26-18 Class notes for week 8 uploaded. -TY

5-18-18 Class notes for week 7 uploaded. -TY

5-17-18 The EE232 Midterm distributed. Contact me immediately if you don't receive it. -TY

5-16-18 The midterm will be distributed tomorrow (Thu) night (or Fri morning at the latest) and due on the next Wed night. -TY

5-16-18 I have receivede everybody's HW4 submission. Its sol is uploaded. -TY

5-10-18 Class notes for week 6 uploaded. -TY

5-9-18 We will have a midterm in 1 week - 10 days. It is a take-home exam with a few - several days to solve. Please work independently. It is an open book, open Internet, so that you can read books or Internet pages. If you understand the lectures (logical flow), you will have no problem. -TY

5-9-18 HW3 sol and HW4 due on 5/15 (Tue) posted. -TY

5-9-18 We are studying time independent and dependent perturbation scenatios. Strained Si MOSFETs are time independent examples since the static strain is added to the Si channel. If we immuminate a sample, then it is a time dependent perturbation since the steady photon input is nothing but the time dependent electromagnetic wave. -TY 

5-3-18 Class notes for week 5 uploaded. -TY

5-2-18 HW2 sol uploaded. HW3 due on 5/8 (Tue) uploaded. -TY

5-1-18 Regarding HWs, spending some time itself has an important meaning. Your brain is getting used to the contents, and that's what you want in HWs. Finishing or not doesn't matter. -TY 

4-28-18 Class notes for week4 uploaded. -TY

4-27-18 As we discussed in class, if we have to be involved in Math demaning studies, it is critical to develop a clear mental image first. Perturbation theory may be a very good place to learn it. -TY

4-24-18 HW2 posted, due on 5/1 (Tue). HW1 sol posted. -TY

4-21-18 Class notes for week 3 uploaded. -TY

4-20-18 The matrix formulation for the quantum parmonic oscillator is extremely powerful. Creation and annihilation operators are the basis for the advanced quantum theory. -TY

4-18-18 Summarizing math is quite often important. You need to hilight the logical flow. You may shorten math if it is logically straightforward. Please learn this ballance in this course. -TY

4-17-18 HW1 posted, due on 4-24 (Tue, a week from today). -TY

4-13-18 Class notes for the first two weeks is uploaded at the bottom of this page. Please download and study. -TY

4-11-18  Videotaped classes are available at https://webcast.ucsc.edu/Please use your blue id and log in. If you have any questions, please comtact the IT Dept and/or me. -TY

4-10-18 If we want to know the time change for an oerator average <A>, it is necessary to take <[H,A]>, where the square bracket is a commutator. This is very unusual, since the left side is d<A>/dt and has a time differential, while the right side doesn't have any. The secret is the Schrodinger equation. -TY

4-8-18 We have finished a first week. In this course, we basically study quantum. The class planning is such that we will follow math as much as possible. You want to be familiar with basic calculus and complex functions. The course syllabus is uploaded. Please check. -TY

EE232 Quantum Electronics Spring 2018 Course Preface

Basic quantum mechanics is reviewed and it is applied to the study of interactions between light and materials. Quantum theory often ends up with a lot of integrations, and we may unfortunately get lost in mathematics, but quite often, mathematics is left as our exercise. Also detailed calculations start without clearly identifying what the initial problem is. Thus, we will make every effort to (1) derive all mathematics in class, (2) identify the logical flow, and (3) create clear mental images for or visualize topics we study in EE232. Lasers and light-matter interactions will be mainly covered, but whenever there is a conflict between understanding well and covering widely, we will choose the former.

We will use A. Yariv, Quantum Electronics, 3rd ed. (Wiley, New York, 1989). This is not an easy book to study as you can tell from customer reviews, and we will fill the gap in class, i.e., derive all mathematics and clarify the logoical flow. The midterm (35 %) and final exams (55 %) are planned. HW (10 %) will be assigned every week, and is basically a review of what we cover in class from a different angle.

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